You Won’t Believe the Strangest Things People Found in Their Attics


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You’ve heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Homeowners have discovered priceless jewels and artifacts left behind by previous owners, while others have found things — and … spoiler alert! … people — that are downright creepy. You’ll be blown away by the strangest things found in attics.

These stories of the strangest things found in attics will either make you want to tear apart your attic for hidden treasure or never venture up there again! What’s the oddest, or most amazing, thing you’ve ever found up there? We want to know! SHARE your experiences in the comments section and make sure to pass this along to those who love a great find.

Four Hand Grenades

In March 2014, police were called to detonate four live hand grenades found in the attic of an Oak Creek, Wisconsin home. Carolyn Cyganiak found the 42-year-old weapons stashed in a bin in her home. The family believes that her husband had put the grenades away years earlier during the Cold War. Carolyn Cyganiak was going through her late husband’s old Army uniforms when she came across the grenades. She had a real scare, but luckily the Milwaukee bomb squad was able to detonate the grenades before anyone was hurt.