This Is The World’s Cutest Police Car


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For some, the Citroën AMI is simply a low-budget electric quadricycle with small dimensions designed to rival an electric blanket, but for enthusiasts, it is an impeccable mobility solution. It gets a lot of stick for being more of a quadricycle that sidesteps one too many regulations to be classified as a matured vehicle. One look at the exterior, and you’d think it has barely enough room for your feet, better yet, any baggage, and with its top speed of 28mph, it is the last thing a cop might want to show up with.However, this two-passenger electric vehicle that French carmaker Citroën offers is arguably the world’s cutest police car. The company lent six vehicles, two of them Ami quadricycles, to the small and beautiful Greek island of Chalki.

Let’s find out why the Citroën Ami is a mobility solution and why it is the perfect addition to the pretty Greek island.