The Strangest Desert Discoveries Humans Have Ever Found


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Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been on a journey of discovery. Whether it’s exploring our own bodies and how they work, our psychology, or the wide world around us, curiosity seems to be in our nature. While we’ve made many advancements, there is still plenty that we do not fully understand. That sentiment can be said of weird objects we’ve found all throughout the world. Some of the most fascinating things humans have found have just happened to be found in places where humans don’t really spend a lot of time: the desert. Due to the hot air and lack of water, deserts aren’t known to be places that humans like to settle. That’s what makes these strange desert discoveries all the more intriguing.

From ancient civilizations to modern gadgets, some of these strangest things found in the desert have been traced back to their origins, while plenty of them are mysteries still to be solved. If you and your friends love solving puzzles, SHARE this article with them and take a stab at cracking these weird desert mysteries.

Fairy Circles

Though it may not look like much, these concentric circles in the middle of the Namib Desert in Namibia are still baffling scientists as to what exactly causes them. (Apparently aliens have been ruled out.)

The two leading theories for how “Fairy Circles” form are: Termites clear away areas around their nests to help create underground water reservoirs. Why the termites make almost perfect circles is up for debate! The other leading theory is that plants are competing for whatever water is available and thus create the circular patterns. Since neither theory has been proven, we’re still hoping that it’s aliens.