Scientifically Unexplainable Places That Actually Exist


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Some call them scientifically impossible places; we call them scientifically unexplainable places — and they’re totally real.
On this magnificent planet is a lake where the water is electric green and a volcano where the lava is neon blue. There is a river where never-ending lightning storms rage on above it, and even a well where petrified teddy bears hang within. We don’t know why and might never find out, but these scientifically unexplainable places are awesome and can be witnessed by anyone (though some of these might kill you.)

And if Disney’s Up taught us anything, “Adventure is out there!” So let’s take a look at these scientifically unexplainable places.

Whether or not you actually believe in the ghosts, Washington has some pretty spooky places. From pubs to cemeteries, Washington has an abundance of haunted hot spots to visit.  Below are some of the most haunted places to see next time you head up to the Evergreen state — visit if you dare. Don’t forget to SHARE this list with your thrill-seeking friends!

Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

Opening in 1912, the Northern State Mental Hospital housed more than 2,000 patients. The mental facility was known for its abuse of patients with its experimental trans-orbital lobotomies and shock therapy methods, which resulted in a multitude of deaths. Therefore, the facility is said to be haunted by restless spirits. Witnesses have reportedly seen apparitions of a man and a little girl with a red ball, and a nurse hanging from a noose.