Drastic Celebrity Makeovers That Warrant Do-Overs


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“And in a lot of shots, my face looks plastic and at certain angles, I was like, ‘Oh, dear. Oh, I should never have done that. Oh, that’s a bad one,’ ” she said. “So I’m like, ‘No more. No more abuse.’”, Aging gracefully is not a notion that many people, especially not celebrities, embrace. Famous folks routinely attempt to erase the natural lines that come with age and end up with a warped idea of aesthetic beauty. In Hollywood, older women have, in many cases, been put to pasture by the time they’re 40, so they turn to plastic surgery in the hopes that it will enhance their beauty. For some celebrities, trying to reverse the aging process by changing their looks has backfired dramatically. These terrible moments of celebrity plastic surgery are proof that puffy lips, larger breasts, and tighter skin don’t always equate to more success. Or, in the bigger picture, increased self-esteem.

Some regret going under the knife, while others can’t stop. Many celebs have denied getting work done, but these before and after photos don’t lie. Here are some drastic celebrity plastic surgery stories that warrant a do-over.