Child Stars: Then And Now


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Show business can be a hard life, and it’s extra hard on child actors. Sometimes, they even end up missing on a lot of milestones most children have, instead becoming famous. And in some cases, they end up being bullied because of their portrayal of a certain character, leading them to leave show business altogether. However, some people that started as child stars are now adults, and are still performing today. Here are a few of them to show how much has changed.

Anna Sophia Robb

Anna Sophia Robb had a quiet rise to stardom. She appeared in supporting roles in movies like Because of Winn-Dixie and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But since then, she’s found a great amount of personal fame. She appeared in the hit movie Bridge to Terabithia, as well as other films like Race to the Witch Mountain. She’s since been making more appearances in television and film, and even Ed Sheeran’s music video for his song, “Shivers”.