Best Movies Based on True Stories That You Have to See to Believe


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Sure, films based on fictional tales can be plenty fascinating—who, for example, doesn’t love a classic Nora Ephron romance, action-packed superhero movie, or fan-favorite Indiana Jones adventure? But there’s something about the best movies based on true stories that really grabs us. Whether it’s a well-crafted motion picture about a time in history that changed everything, or a more personal look at one individual’s life, flicks that take their plots and characters from real life move us in very particular ways that no other stories quite can.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 30 of the best movies based on events that really happened. This list includes non-fiction romantic movies about love gained and lost (hello Titanic!), war movies with lots of conflict and gutsy women (BelfastBraveheart and more), and riveting historical movies and musicals (Spotlight and The Sound of Music). There are even a few football movies and Irish movies thrown in for good measure! No matter which type of true story you’re in the mood for, these are all films you’re going to want to check out at one point or another. Maybe it’s because we get an added thrill knowing that what we’re seeing really did take place, or because they teach us an authentic event from times past—but either way, these movies will make you think and feel like few others can.