Best and worst movies from the careers of 16 famous actors


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We all have that favorite actor who can do no wrong. It’s that standout movie, that breathtaking performance, that makes you want to watch everything else in their filmography. But have you ever gone to the theater and sat through a movie with a plot so cringe-worthy and with such atrocious acting that you walked out, despite it starring your favorite do-no-wrong actor?

Most actors have a movie on their resume that fills them with pride, and one that fills them with just as much—if not more—embarrassment. One exception to this is Nicolas Cage, who says he stands by every role he’s played. For some actors, sometimes a script they read and loved turned out to be a totally different movie by the time it made it to the screen. For others, acting is a job—even for the most well-known names—and it’s as simple as this: a paycheck’s a paycheck. Of course, it helps if you’ve already won an Oscar.

Giggster picked 15 famous actors and determined the highest-rated and lowest-rated films of their careers, using IMDb ratings, with ties broken by user votes. Only feature-length, live-action films with over 1,000 votes were considered. Cameos were not included.

Take a look and see how many movies you’ve watched on this list—and be sure to note the films to add to your bad-movie-night queue.

Sandra Bullock’s worst: ‘Hangmen’ (1987)

– Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen
– IMDb user rating: 2.8
– Metascore: data not available
– Runtime: 90 minutes

Sandra Bullock’s debut film was not one to remember. Bullock stars as Lisa Edwards in the crime thriller “Hangmen,” a forgettable film about assassins, spies, and corrupt CIA agents. The 1987 movie didn’t soil Bullock’s career, as she later became a successful actor.