16 Stars Who Have Done Lifetime Movies


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Lifetime movies are a pop culture staple that have been around forever (since 1990, to get specific), and no matter what anyone says about them, they aren’t going away any time soon. Back in the day, Lifetime movies were always the butt of a joke. The stories were either ridiculously corny and silly, overly sappy and romanticized, or a touch too dramatic – or maybe a mix of all of those things. The point is, no one ever really said “cinematic masterpiece” and “Lifetime movie” in the same sentence.

But in the last few years, these movies have become a bit more elevated. Sure, many are still crime dramas based on true stories or biopics featuring old celebrities, but that does’t mean they don’t have potential. Plus, many Lifetime movies feature some of your favorite stars. In the past, big name celebrities seemed to only take on Lifetime movie roles as a way to kickstart their careers. More recently, A-listers have jumped on board without a hint of irony or dissatisfaction. Here’s a look at the stars who have done Lifetime movies that you may have totally forgotten about.