10 vegan athletes you didn’t know ate a plant-based diet


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Think athletes need meat for muscle? Think again! These 10 successful vegan athletes are actually plant-based and at the top of their game!

It is now becoming common knowledge that athletes don’t need animal protein to build and maintain muscle.As a consequence, plant-based diets in the sporting industry are rising in popularity. From football stars to tennis pros, more and more celebrities are going plant-based to fuel their sporting success. Keep reading to learn about the vegan athletes proving the myths about vegans and protein wrong!

1. Lewis Hamilton


This one may not come as a shock to some vegans, as the racing champion has his own chain of vegan fast-food restaurants, Neat Burger.

Hamilton is an outspoken supporter of animal rights, having made the plant-based switch in 2017 after watching the Netflix documentary What the Health.

Prior to watching it, he claimed he was “on a mission to go vegan” as “animal cruelty, global warming, and our personal health is at stake”.

He credits his vegan diet as the reason for his sporting success and changing his energy levels for the better.

Speaking to Men’s Health magazine, Hamilton explained: “I have more energy; I’m so much more productive. I wake up feeling way better, clearer in thought and fresher in my body.”

He also revealed that since going plant-based: “I recover quicker; I sleep better. My skin cleared up. I have fewer allergies. There are just so many impacts.”

“I’m physically in better shape than I’ve ever been, and I’m more successful than ever right now, and my plant-based programme has played such a big role in that.”